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Mt Aberdeen

Will Gadd on the Aberdeen Glacier


Stef W. Pulling hard on Spanikopita (5.11c) at Begbie Bluffs in Revelstoke, BC

Plain of Six Glaciers

Will Gadd contemplates the best path through the massive schrund on the way to Haddo Peak

Cruising the Pass

Parry Loeffler Taking another lap on the big slopes below the dome in Rogers Pass

Big Terrain

Epic light looks on a team ascending to the Dome. The lower flanks of the Rampart dominate the skyline behind

Pitch 4

Tyler Cassley pulling over the ledge on pitch 4 of Aftenroe in Banff National Park

Solitude above the Wapta

Solo hiking solitude to watch the sunset high above the Wapta Icefields in Yoho National Park.

The Drop

Big terrain on the Presidents in Yoho National Park. Our line on The President behind is a hint of the epic morning we had so far.


Cresting the Dome Glacier in spectacular light in Rogers Pass

Almost at the top

Getting to the top of Mt. McArthur in Yoho National Park. Another team ascends below at the crest of the McArthur Glacier

Ride the Pony

Tracey French riding the big limestone pony on Mt. Victoria's SE Ridge

The Line

Descending the East Face of The President after a successful summit bid.

Mt. Aberdeen

A day spent adventuring in the Lake Louise area with the gracious Will Gadd. [...]

Mt. Weed & Aftonroe

Mt. Weed is a beautiful but largely unknown summit just north of Bow Summit on the Icefields Parkway. It stands at 10,105' (3080m), and offers some of the same fantastic views of the Wapta Icefields offered by nearby more popular peaks such as Observation and Cirque. [...]


Well, another weekend in the mountains, and as usual, my mind has been blown again. This time it's the phenomenal climbi [...]

The Presidents

It's been a good year for me. A really, really good year actually. I set out last April to really put some effort into touri [...]

Rogers Pass

After visiting so many amazing places, you would think that I would start getting a bit desensitized to all the awesome that [...]

Cirque Peak

This past Saturday I joined Tyler for a phenomenal tour / boot pack up Cirque Peak above Helen lake on the Icefields Parkway [...]

Twilight Zone

Ryan and I made some plans to go peg off Twilight Zone at Kid Goat crag near Canmore in the Bow Valley. Now, i’m a bit of [...]

Mt Victoria

It’s not every day that you get to tick off a dream mission from the adventure wishlist. However, this summer has somehow [...]

Wapta Icefields - Low Key Style

The Wapta Icefields have always been one of my favorite places. The entire area has a bit of a magical feel to it. It strike [...]

Mt Diadem

Sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan. Well... if you spend any time trying to do anything adventurous in the [...]


3am comes really quickly. Particularly when you really didn’t sleep much in the first place. This seems to have become a b [...]